Parallel Parenting

Dealing with a dysfunctional ex? Wondering how to approach them when resolving matters?

The problem for many fathers is that they are forced to deal with their ex’s by the courts who are more interested in pecuniary reasons for perpetuating the conflict that any notion of what is best for the child.

This is in direct contrast to what actually works.

So there is a choice to be made, use the model that works and do what is best for the child OR do what the family courts want you to do because it is best for the solicitors, judges et al for keeping their kids in a private education.


Use Parallel Parenting as defined here:

Parallel parenting plans are appropriate for parents who:
  • do not get along, are highly reactive to each other;
  • feel uncomfortable in each other’s presence;
  • have an order of protection, OR
  • cannot cooperate in one or more areas of parenting.

Model for Parenting

Parallel Parenting For High Conflict Families

Church of England ‘buries’ shocking child sex abuse report

The Church of England published a damning report on the horrific abuse of youngsters at a former children’s home on the same day Theresa May became Prime Minister, prompting critics to accuse the church of trying to “bury bad news.”

Looks like the Church of England has taken a page out of Tony Blair’s red book of spin. Why do we tolerate these deceitful and abusive institutions that offer nothing but hypocrisy and offence.

Anyone that believes the Earth was made in 8 days will beleive anything, which is exactly its purpose. Perhaps they are hoping that little girls will believe being drugged and abused is Christian!

Pack up your Bibles and Leave.

Damning report reveals Church of England’s failure to act on abuse

The Church of England is to make far-reaching changes to the way it deals with cases of sex abuse, following a highly critical independent report that details how senior church figures failed to act upon repeated disclosures of a sadistic assault by a cleric.

This comes as no surprise to the Forum which is aware of a Reverend in Bedford, who quite astonishingly has safeguarding responsibilities at a Primary school, and repeatedly ignored safeguarding concerns raised by a father for his child.

The lack of response from the ‘pillar of our community’, three times in fact, is what is to be expected from the Church of England who are so Christian it seems that they sacrifice the rights of children to protect abusers.

When will Bedfordshire be rid of these hypocrites who pose a danger to our children and put their corrupt institutions before innocents?

Despite the seriousness of the disclosure, no records were kept by the four clergymen Joe spoke to and no further action was taken. “Practice of this nature is simply not acceptable,” the report says.

Except in Bedford where the ‘good’ Reverend sees fit to ignore all concerns.

This Be The Law

They fuck you up, your ex and DJ.

They probably mean to, and they do.

They ascribe you faults as they may

And add some extra, just for you.

But they were fucked up at law school

By farts in old-style wigs and gowns,

Who half the time were acting the fool

Hiding behind sanctimonious frowns

Reporter recommends misery to young.

S7 reports only confirm the worse.

Leave early, your song is sung,

Remember – teach your child this verse.

(Appreciation to Philip Larkin)

Dad Deprivation

An excellent article here on why things have gone so wrong..

“Dad-deprived boys are less likely to display empathy, be less assertive, depressed, have nightmares, talk back and be disobedient,” says Farrell,

The Forum agrees 100% with this statement by Warren:

“Men should not withdraw like cowards,” he says. “To an eight-year-old boy, their dad is God. Backing off or abandoning them leaves the child feeling not important. Dads must fight to be a part of their children’s lives, especially if the mother blocks that”.

And it’s not just mother blocking dad’s, it’s Bedfordshire schools, local councils, hospitals in fact pretty much all the public services riddled with the cancer of Cultural Marxism.

Read the article here.

Child Industry Churns Faster

Two-thirds of local authorities report an increase in care applications over last year.

Those are the grim statistics as the Child Industry extracts the profits from children’s misery.

These figures on CAFCASS website (click to view) show an alarming increase which sadly means more misery for children.

Rates Per 10k Table



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