Is boys failure in schools deliberately caused by omission ?

Over a period of more than twenty years, boys have remained disproportionately disadvantaged with little apparently done to help. Is boys’ underachievement being ignored? Would a gender gap be tolerated if girls were the more disadvantaged group? Briefing Paper
With so much rhetoric over so many years about the need to improve boys poor performance educationally one wonders if any of it was meant…after all if we can put man on the moon, surely we can create an education system than develops both sexes.
Perhaps it isn’t wanted since most glass cellar jobs are undertaken by low achieving males, maybe there is a need to ensure a substantial proportion of school leavers have no other options, hence the war against boys.
On the TES forums we find…
teachers discuss how to re-engage boys
…because it seems educationalists no  longer seem to be able to teach boys. So what is being taught in Teaching Universities if not how to teach young boys?
Boys who drop out of schools report feelings of not being wanted.

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