More married men (2.3 per cent) suffered from partner abuse last year than married women.


What every man already knew…is now confirmed by the latest British Crime Survey.

Dr Graham-Kevan believes the system needs to adjust to make it safer for male victims and their children, who can end up with an abusive mother. “The biggest thing for me as a parent is that children are being placed in significant positions of harm. It sounds anti-feminist, but I think we’re allowing women too many rights in the family court, because courts assume that the women are the best parent as a starting position, rather than looking at it equally.” Independent

Child protection is largely a myth, usually only ever employed to ensure fathers are prevented from having contact with their children. If the mother is the child abuser then it is often quietly ignored, putting thousands of children at risk. Should the father persist in trying to protect his children then he is labelled as hostile to the mother and therefore a threat to the children.

With virtually no refuges for fathers and their children to escape too, and this is no accident, this means the children will have to go to live with the mother, whether abuser or not.

Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner is revising the county’s policy on Domestic Abuse. If you want to contribute to the discussion on male victims of DA then contact him.


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