No sports and leisure festival for men and boys.


Bedford Borough Council recently circulated this Women and Girls Sports and Leisure Festival flyer to local schools promoting a forthcoming ‘Women and Girls Sports and Leisure Festival’. Good idea considering the increasing awareness of the dangers and costs to the cash trapped NHS of increasing levels of obesity amongst Bedfordshire’s female population.

One would expect that a similar event would also be organised for men and boys to encourage healthy lifestyles, given that men’s life expectancy within Bedfordshire is typically 3.5 years less than women’s.

Within Bedford Borough in 2006-08, life expectancy was 78.6 years for men and 82.1 years for women.

Document reference: 212/PH/BBC01/12/10

This email was sent to Kate Percival at Bedford Borough Council on 19 April 2013:

Dear Katie Percival,

My son brought a leaflet home the other day from his school and was asking when the Men and Boys Sports and Leisure Festival was.

I said I would ask. Can you let me know the dates please?

Look forward to your reply.

After several exchanges Kate Percival sent this email on 22 April 2013:

We do not have a specific festival planned for men and boys but let me know what sport you are specifically interested in and I will let you know what opportunities are available.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and interest in our activities and I hope you find something of interest.

Best Wishes,

Katie Percival

Sports Development Officer

Sports Development Unit

Bedford Borough Council

Borough Hall

Caudwell Street


MK42 9AP

Women & Girls FestivalCoaching Hub

Disability Awareness  

Volunteer Links

Maternal ObesityPilot Project 

Play and Games Schemes

For some reason then men and boys are invisible to Bedford Borough Council’s Sports Development Unit.

What a missed opportunity.


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