So what’s wrong with school


This new book by Jessica Mwanzia asks ‘So, what’s wrong with school? 125 reasons not to send your kids..’

She advises to simply dont send them if boys.

She also lists other groups adversely affected by institutional schooling.

A  complex  gendered  environment  exists  in  school, whereby  inside  the  classroom  a  truncated  female  value  system exists:  sit  quietly  and  do  your  work,  certain  emotions  are allowed with many others seen as a problem.

The increasing disquiet over our education system is building, particularly in relation to its treatment of boys. Are schools simply failing boys and wasting at least 13 years of their lives when they should be enjoying the most carefree time of their lives and being developed into happy adults.

I am happy for parts of this book to be reproduced provided  reference  is  made  to  the  source, Jessica Mwanzia.


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