Swedish dads to share in child benefit


Since its introduction in the 1940s child benefit has routinely been paid out to the mother. But from March 1st all new parents will be default receive a share of the money regardless of whether they live together or not. The only requirement is that they have shared legal custody.

Well done Sweden, how about a bit of Scandinavian thinking over here. Fathers deserve a share of the Child Benefit, after all we’ve paid more into the pot, why can’t we have some back….

This article indicates just where this country needs to go if it wants to claim to be any kind of decent and civilized society.

“Now, no parent, and we are talking primarily about mothers because they receive the child benefit, can stop a division of the allowance.” said Tommy Alexandersson at the Social Insurance Agency

Can you imagine the coalition saying that when they are busy making it means tested?


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