CAFCASS Manager sacked for false allegations against a father


Suzi Smith, a CAFCASS team leader, who worked in CAFCASS’s Service Area C2 which covers Bedfordshire was sacked following making false allegations against a father of sexually abusing his daughter after he criticized her handling of the case.

CAFCASS have now paid the father £86,000.

The Forum is encouraging fathers in Bedfordshire who had Suzi Smith involved in their case either directly or as the Family Court Adviser’s supervisor, you can make a subject access request to find out, to ask CAFCASS to investigate whether her anti-father attitude has affected the outcome of their case.

The report can be read here.

CAFCASS has been criticized by a Parliamentary Select Committee for ‘not being fit for purpose’.

What message does the actions of Suzi Smith send to fathers?

  • Don’t criticize CAFCASS else you will be accused of heinous crimes, not untypical of the kind of false accusations regularly made in the family courts.
  • The culture within CAFCASS is Family Court Advisers can get away with this appalling behaviour else why would she have ever thought of doing it.
  • There’s no supervision of rogue Family Court Advisers, in the recent past CAFCASS employed people in Bedfordshire who were not even qualified as Social Workers.
  • Can Family Court Advisers ever be trusted in any case not to be venting their personal feelings against fathers?


  1. Suzi Smith should be prosecuted.

  2. Abolish CAFCASS.

  3. Replace CAFCASS with a network of Family Reconciliation Centres with properly trained staff who have been psychometrically tested to eradicate mysandric attitudes.


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