How Abusers Get Away With Playing the Victim Card


Earlier in May the forum highlighted the appalling behaviour of CAFCASS Manager Suzi Smith who worked in Bedfordshire.

We commented on how CAFCASS seems impervious to changing it’s mysandric attitude so ingrained is it within the psyche of the organisation and called for it to be replaced with Family Reconciliation Centres staffed by properly trained professionals.

With over 1 million child being ‘processed’ by CAFCASS since its speedy creation using off cuts of the probation service, the bits the service was keen to be rid off, it’s inevitable that the likes of Suzi Smith will have caused incalculable misery to the lives of the most vulnerable. Perversely projecting the cause of the abuse onto the innocent father, a well worn and tried method that works everytime.

How can such a kafkaesque  world exist in the 21st century?

Well sadly the logic of this model  Power and Control illustrates just how CAFCASS managers like Suzi Smith come to feel so comfortable with making such onerous false accusations.

Put simply if you are a man and a victim then you are in denial of your abuse. A women who is an abuser is simply a victim of the patriarchy (whatever that is) and can claim special dispensation.

In Suzi Smith’s quote to the Reporter she attempts to project the responsibility onto the innocent father, demonstrating her attitude of denial of responsibility.

She added: ‘Jon Coupland is a very complicated individual who I believe feels a great injustice has been done to him.’

Well just maybe a “great injustice” has been done to him and that is why he feels it. Men’s feelings are clearly invalid though.
Perhaps there should be programmes for the likes of Suzi Smith to make her accept responsibility for her abuse…. oh there are, but they are only for men of course. Sadly it works, as amazingly the CPS decided not to prosecute Suzi Smith!
It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee guys!

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