The War Against Boys… part deaux

The War Against Boys

The War Against Boys

Christina Hoff Sommers, author of ‘The War Against Boys’, has updated her 2000 literary cornerstone which can be obtained here.

“In this revised edition,” Sommers writes, “I describe the emergence of additional boy-averse trends: the decline of recess, punitive zero-tolerance policies, myths about juvenile ‘superpredators,’ and a misguided campaign against single-sex schooling. As our schools become more feelings centered, risk averse, competition-free, and sedentary, they move further and further from the characteristic sensibilities of boys.

“The War Against Boys is a solid book, wonderfully footnoted and indexed, telling an important story, and sorely needed now, possibly more so than in 2000.”  says Nathan Glazer, (professor emeritus of education and sociology at Harvard University)

Sadly, Sommers insight into education and how it mistreats boys is only too close to home. Within Bedfordshire there is at least one school that has comfortably neglected a boy and see nothing wrong – disowning responsibility, preferring instead to put the school and staff before the child. The example this sets to children is without question reprehensible. But as we have seen in places like Rotherham the mantra of political correctness results in the sacrifice of the most vulnerable.

Just how pervasive is the culture that dictates We lose as children so we can win as adults? It seems the only place you’ll find children’s rights are in transcripts consigned to dusty UN archives.


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