Where’s the Evidence?


Professor of Education, Kathryn Ecclestone, has recently questioned the motivation of those proponents of interventionist programmes.

Such claims often come from those with vested interests in a lucrative market of expensive, externally delivered programmes for pupils and students, training courses for teachers and classroom assistants, and endless “how-to” guides for teachers and parents

(See  Well-being programmes in schools might be doing children more harm than good.)

The Fatherhood Institute commented last year that:

Parenting programmes rarely attempt to engage with fathers or evaluate their impact on key outcomes for both parents, such as parenting and co-parenting quality, family functioning, parental stress or depression, or a range of child health outcomes, the researchers found. Cost-effectiveness analysis is also rare, but some studies suggest parenting interventions can produce a healthy return on investment[1] and research shows clearly that programmes work best where both parents are engaged[2], so well-designed, father-inclusive programmes should be more cost-effective.

(See Parenting programmes ignore dads and waste money, say FI and Yale)

With the UK Government planning an extension of its ‘troubled families’ programme to 500,000 families, as well as doubling funds for relationship counselling to £19.5 million the  ‘Children Industry‘ keeps on churning.

Yet why do we go on hearing about Children Services failures? The list just keeps getting longer “Rotherham council ‘not fit for purpose’, child sex abuse scandal report finds”

In general, it’s too easy to deflect bigger social and educational problems onto individuals deemed to have “emotional issues”, says Professor Ecclestone’s report.

By creating a vast swath of children deemed to have issues and in need creates an army of helpers ready to sit back and get paid for ruining children’s lives. John Hemming MP eloquently described the model for the Children Industry a few years back..

Since it’s clear that Children Services and the Child Protection services are consistently failing our children and helping the child abusers it’s encouraging to see that efforts are afoot to expose the child abusers.

In the wake of the Westminster child abuse scandal and allegations of establishment cover-ups, hackers Anonymous have decided to expose international paedophile networks.

A Tumblr set up to promote the campaign states: ‘The objective of opdeatheaters is an independent, international, victim-led tribunal/ inquiry into trafficking and paedosadist industry.

‘What is our first step? We need meticulously researched and clearly documented examples of high level complicity in the industry, obstruction of justice and coverups to show the need for independent inquiries.’

Well they can start with Rotherham Council, CAFCASS, and the Family Court system.

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