A rose by any other name.


Following the unexpected election of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership role of the Labour party any hopes of equality finding a new home soon vanished with pronouncements on female only train carriages.

This interesting article:

Jeremy Corbyn and the rise of the non-macho man

He’s struggling to lead a united Labour Party – but Jeremy Corbyn has already become the unelected leader for a different band of brothers, writes Tom Fordy

in the Telegraph explains how JC has become the new leader for non competitive males…

The comments section brings a touch of reality, in particular one from Shineon83…

—-Please: spare me. Being a “macho” man does not have to entail ruthlessness (and most often doesn’t). A truly successful macho man combines grace/kindness with a fierce drive to succeed. The type of man the author confuses with macho, is a lout…

—As a woman, I get fairly ill watching soft, feminized men competing for approval from the feminist crowd…Open your eyes, guys: feminists are the homely ones. Attractive women, by and large, despise feminism…

As a man of words perhaps Tom Fordy should make reference to the Urban Dictionary for a closer description of what he is describing in relation to JC, i.e. ‘mangina‘, back to school Tom.


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