Police investigations into institutional child sex abuse nearly doubles.


In our earlier article on we illustrated how the societal structure is institutionally corrupt, and becomes more so as you move up the pyramid.

This is now borne out by the massive increase in institutions being investigated by police.

In total, 676 institutions are under police scrutiny, almost double the
figure as of May. These include 271 schools, 181 children’s homes, 76
religious institutions and 31 health establishments, with all types of
institution seeing higher numbers within the past five months.

Operation Hydrant is co-ordinating 262 “significant police
investigations” across the UK. But Bailey said that police were still
only dealing with “the tip of the iceberg”.

The Forum is aware of a local school in Bedford with a teacher as being of concern regarding safeguarding issues, however a member of a religious institution with safeguarding responsibilities failed to act when these concerns about her were reported to him.

A pattern is clearly emerging that all institutions that purport to be child havens do in fact pose a danger to children.

Yesterday MP John Mann moved a motion to reopen the investigation into the ‘disappearance’ of a dossier listing prominent paedosadists. His speech can be seen here by clicking on ‘Wanless Review and the Dickens file’.

The Forum fully support John Mann MP in his efforts to get to the truth.


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