How Low Can You Go?


Children’s behaviour, especially boys is always a topic not far from Bedfordshire subjects lips….

How sad we were at the forum when we heard about a Bedford Borough Council employee we’ll call ‘M’, no not the  head of MI6 in SPECTRE.

‘M’ was assessing a boy in respect of his behaviour. Imagine our surprise, yes you could have picked us up off the floor, when we heard that ‘M’ had sworn in front of the child. The swear word in question has been independently verified by two counsellors, one with a MA in child counselling, and a teacher as to whether it would be considered a swear word, all agreed it was.

So how did the boy react, quite rightly he challenged the ‘Behaviour assessor’ about her swearing. Rather than apologise, which is what all the independent professionals thought ‘M’ should have done, she pretended to the child that the word was not a swear word.

Naturally the child was not having any of this so challenged her again offering an easy exit for her by offering a compromise and saying well it’s a mild swear word.

You’d think the BBC employee would take the route generously offered by the child. But No, ‘M’ maintained her flaky position that it was not a swear word. Undeterred by the adult and her position of authority the child challenged her again, suggesting she speak to all her friends and ask them if “£!#$” is a swear word. ‘M”s response…………

…. yes, silence,

preferring to rudely ignore the child’s valid suggestion and changed the subject.

This Forum considers the behaviour of BBC employee ‘M’ to be reprehensible and worthy of disciplinary action. An adult who is supposedly on a task of assessing a boy’s behaviour yet shows a level of behaviour that sets a very bad example to a child below a standard that could be called acceptable is certainly not fit to do their job.

Bedford Borough Council certainly has sunk very very low and shows the war against boys is still be raged, well done to the boy for demonstrating such maturity, assertiveness and good behaviour putting ‘M’ to shame by not letting anything slip by him.

(The Forum is aware that the boy’s Year 3 teacher’s behaviour was  identified as a safeguarding issue… go figure!)


We salute you young man!



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