…Really low apparently


The latest on the behaviour of BBC employee ‘M’ is even more jaw dropping than the previous example described in our earlier post ‘How Low Can You Go?’

She can certainly sink low this one.

The latest incident of sub standard behaviour resulted in the exceptional young man walking out of a session with ‘M’. The reason? Well ‘M’ was on the phone talking to her daughter. Can you believe it. Imagine a teacher with 30 kids in the class on the phone to family whilst they are being paid to teach. Worse still is the child protection question of an adult using a phone in all likelihood with a camera when in a room on a 1:1 basis with a child. Beggars belief. So disgusted was the boy at being ignored that he left ‘M’ to it, hope she had a good chat at taxpayers expense.

But it gets worse. After we’d recovered from temporary unconsciousness the next incident of ‘M”s shocking behaviour was downright sexist, discriminatory and damaging to the boy. ‘M’ told the boy not to listen to his father. That ‘M’ thinks she is above parental authority is bordering on Jungfolk where fathers are the inferior race. Lock up your son’s and daughters, ‘M”s about!


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