Male birth control, what we’ve been waiting for


At last it would seem men will be able to have control over their bodies and especially the reproductive parts.

No more worries about, ‘it’s split’, or ‘I forgot to take the pill…..’

A father the Forum knows recited a story about when even though he had had the snip, his new partner did not know, after several months together she did the ” I think I’m pregnant” routine.

Naturally he was a shocked as she must have been cheating on him. Not much of a basis of a relationship. He then asked who the father was as it was clearly not his.

She was offended and was adamant it was his. He then made the information about his vasectomy known to her. ……. embarrassed silence. …………….   they split up soon afterwards.

German carpenter Clemens Bimek has crafted a male contraception “switch” – a valve that can stop, or start, the flow of sperm. The revolutionary invention, if approved, could change men’s reproductive future, turning a permanent vasectomy into a relic of history.


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