Defend Rugby


In a town where rugby is a major sporting activity and focal point for communities and men the laughable efforts to emasculate rugby by removing tackling is an attack upon the people of #Bedford.

What will the crazies come up with next? Boxing without the punching… or removing movement from dancing? After all…

According to physiotherapist Debra Crookshanks, an International Association of Dance Medicine and Science board member, overtraining is rife because competitions and Eisteddfods are “fierce” and kids come to her with “advanced injuries”.

In a piece on how we are rushing towards a mediocracy, Sam Gerrans correctly observes:

Getting punched and kicked when you’re nine is no great tragedy. Living in a hermetically sealed, bubble-wrapped environment without punches and slaps and kicks until you are twenty-something, and having no chance to test yourself, to build up stamina, courage, strength and will: that is a tragedy.



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