Parallel Parenting


Dealing with a dysfunctional ex? Wondering how to approach them when resolving matters?

The problem for many fathers is that they are forced to deal with their ex’s by the courts who are more interested in pecuniary reasons for perpetuating the conflict that any notion of what is best for the child.

This is in direct contrast to what actually works.

So there is a choice to be made, use the model that works and do what is best for the child OR do what the family courts want you to do because it is best for the solicitors, judges et al for keeping their kids in a private education.


Use Parallel Parenting as defined here:

Parallel parenting plans are appropriate for parents who:
  • do not get along, are highly reactive to each other;
  • feel uncomfortable in each other’s presence;
  • have an order of protection, OR
  • cannot cooperate in one or more areas of parenting.

Model for Parenting

Parallel Parenting For High Conflict Families


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