Election Awakening


Congratulations to the 176 voters in #Bedford and 120 in #Luton North, 10 in Luton South who have realized that the whole political system is a puppet show and wisely spoilt their ballot paper. This demonstrates that there are 100’s of people in the county who have woken up to the farce.

For anyone who continues to be deluded into believing we have just had an election then let us explain….

First, let us not forget that Treason May had absolutely no reason to call the election. Several CON MP’s were facing prosecution for election fraud but so were some Labour one’s and who is to say that she may well have won all the ensuing by elections.

The Poll’s gave her a massive majority but can we trust the Polls? No…

Was this the worse performance by any incumbent at an Election, to the point that one might ask did she try to throw it? Yes…

So the only real outcome has been that the prospect of Brexit has diminished, not that it was ever going to happen, but in the public’s mind it is now less likely.

Has Corbyn won and May lost? No…. why not well because they are the same body i.e. the LIBLABCON pact.

So who has won? … Common Purpose who control all the mainstream parties.

So who has lost? …. the people of UK who have been fooled (mostly) into believing we have a voice, that Corbyn will improve things and that we are not really all slaves…. well with the notable exception of the 306 voters the Forum has been able to identify as being awake… fancy joining them?


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