Jobseeker’s Allowance Domestic Violence Easement and Destitute


Domestic Violence Concession: implementation (RR843)

If you are a man who is a victim of Domestic Violence and there is a good chance you are then should you find yourself not working and struggling to cope with the demands of the globalist agenda down at the jobcentre and the emotional and physical consequences of being abused then this may help.

You can obtain 4 weeks respite by completing a form the next time you sign on, then up to 13 weeks if you get a GP or Police Officer to sign the form.

Naturally the staff at the jobcentre won’t have a clue what you are talking about and certainly won’t be thinking as a male victim you have feelings and need help. So ask, otherwise you do not get. They should conduct any DV related meeting in a private room.

Section 20


The Forum received this post and thought it worthy of a repost:

  • Section 20 arrangements are voluntary – this means that the local authority cannot place a child in alternative accommodation unless parents agree to the arrangement.
  •  You are entitled to be fully informed – the local authority must offer you as much information as you need, in a clear and accessible format
  • If you have parental responsibility for a child, you can remove your child from accommodation provided by or on behalf of the local authority at any time
  • If a child is 16 or 17, they can leave the accommodation without parental consent
  • Always ask for a S.20 arrangement to be put into writing – something this important shouldn’t be set up on word of mouth. If anyone refuses to put this agreement in writing, tell them you have the support of the President Of The Family Division
  • Children have a right to be heard – any child who wants to express their wishes and feelings in writing is entitled to do so under a S.20 agreement, and to have those views taken on board by the local authority
  • A S.20 arrangement should never be used to secure care proceedings – local authorities do not have the right to put you off terminating a S.20 by giving you the impression that it’s final or compulsory.

It’s from Researching Reform and can be found here.

Restoring Family Connections


If you are an adult who has been poisoned against one of your parents by the other parent then this may be for you.

Ideally, one day parental alienation will be identified in a timely fashion and addressed in a swift and decisive manner by the relevant legal and mental health professionals.

Well that’ll exclude CAFCASS then….

Another excellent resource from Dr Amy Baker which does the job professionals are paid to do but don’t.

Parental Alienation


There was an interesting piece on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme this week on Parental Alienation which is probably a first for the BBC.

See it here on YOUTUBE.

Anthony Douglas was asked a couple of years ago whether he would be interested in knowing why a child would say that they never wished to see a parent, usually the father, ever again. His answered was No.

CAFCASS perpetuates parental alienation by not understanding it, either deliberately or because CAFCASS staff are simply not intelligent enough. It was set up with the dross from the Probation Service after all.

There was blatant misrepresentation at the start of the piece when they said CAFCASS represent the wishes of children, This isn’t true.

The Forum has learnt that here in Bedford we have CAFCASS officer who knew a child wanted equal parenting with his father. The CAFCASS officer advised the court to reduce the child’s time with the father as this would make the child behave better at a school in Bedford. Probably in collusion with the school’s head who was helping to cover up the mother’s abuse of the child and the school’s own abuse of the child.

One week after the ruling the child was expelled and is now permanently excluded.

The outcome was the opposite of what was supposedly intended though we suspect this was the desired outcome. The court of course has no idea as to the final outcome because it is virtually alone in never analysing the effects of it’s interventions – no follow ups.

Here is a good site on understanding how the UNCRC is actually a mechanism for destroying families.